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Kahunas Bar & Grill is your perfect escape from the everyday...

Or come in to watch the game, and play a few games yourself. Kahunas has three pool tables, three dart machines, and many more to keep you busy! Discover this local favorite watering hole.

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What People Are Saying...

Amazing! Their fajita's are actually pretty damn good.

...We end up staying there for a few hours and drinking awhile and just hanging out. 

Our regular waitress, Heather, is very nice and knows our order as soon as we get there,

and have only been there 4 or 5 times...


just sit back and relax...

You gotta try their wings!

My friend told me that the Tim Harper Wings were the best. Named after a regular who enjoyed eating his wings this way, Tim Harper wings are fried, tossed in medium sauce, grilled then tossed in Jerk seasoning. They sounded incredible and believe me, they were! Their wings were so delicious that I did not need any dressing to dip them in. Simple and tasty, they won me over.

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